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Facilities Design and Engineering

We provide everything you need to store and withdraw the gaseousand liquified products we supply. We endure your supply is hassle-free by owning and maintaining the installation including:

Gas and liquified storage - cylinders, dewars, cryogenic vessels and tanks.

Vaporizers and heaters.

Liquid withdrawal devices.

We can also design, install and maintain your on-site distribution system and process system. Our services include:

All physical assets needed for gas and liquified gas distribution to the point of use - pipelines, manifolds, gas cabinets and outlet points.

Process equipment - oxy-fuel burners, water treatment and waste treatment systems, food freezing systems.

We have specialist expertise across a diverse range of industries including:

Glass, Iron and Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals - design, installationand maintenance of pipelines, oxy-fuel burners and air pollution control systems.

Environment, Water and Wastes - vacuum and industrial pumps for environmental systems, pressure blowers for areation, Vitox systems for industrial wastewater, Primox system for sewers, Kryoclean systems for reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).

Electronics - liquid abatement systems, purge systems, semiconductor subsystems.

Food - chilling and freezing systems, cryogrinding systems.

Laboratories and Research - working with designers, architects and construction teams to integrate gas supply systems into new-build and refurbishment projects.