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On-site Elimination of High Hazardous Waste:

Precision Technik was founded and operates today on the belief that innovation comes directly from experience. Not just one experience but many which take place over an extended period of time. Our Company's roots are firmly planted in the high hazardous waste management industry and its products reflect our dedication to personnel safety and environmental protection.

Detailed information of the ECO HP-10 Transport Overpack is given below

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The ECO HP-10 is a state-of-the-art overpack employed to contain high-pressure cylinders. Gases released inside the overpack can be withdrawn via a valve and directed to an appropriate scrubber or repackaged. The ECO HP-10 overpack (top right) is also suitable for containing a wide variety of hazardous containers besides gas cylinders. It can be fitted with a penetration system and serve as a chemical
reactor. This unit is particularly useful in first-response situations where immediate secure containment of a potentially dangerous item is desireable.