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Poly boxes are light, durable, and simply smart. Plastic is well-known for its qualities. All our boxes use only plastics that are U.S.D.A. approved. This material features a low specific weight that makes moving empty boxes a relatively easy task. While the boxes are light, they are still most durable. The boxes are virtually unbreakable in daily operations. You will be able to rely on these boxes for a long time. Our poly boxes are simply a smart choice for block or pellet storage
with wheels is the perfect solution when you need to move your dry ice quickly between several locations. Holds up to twelve dry ice blocks.
If you need smaller amounts of dry ice in one particular location, the TSP-11 without casters is the right choice for you. This box holds just as much dry ice as its brother, only does not have the casters. Storage capacity of up to twelve dry ice blocks.
Our largest poly box. This box holds up to 36 dry ice blocks. If you produce large quantities of dry ice, the TSP-27 works best for you.
The highly reliable TSP-19 dry ice Storage Box holds up to 24 Blocks of dry ice.
In addition to the featured boxes above, Tomco2 Parts & Services also offers you the following models:

Note: Box capacities based on average block size of 10" x 10" x 12"

Averageblock weight of 56-60 pounds.

Height dimensions include the box lid.

Casters shown on boxes are optional.

Other options available on request.